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Lake Macquarie Decking - Building Stunning Outdoor Living Space

There’s no better place to call for your decking needs in Lake Macquarie than Lake Macquarie Decking. We are excited to hear from you to start discussing the project you have in mind!

Beautifully Designed Deckings Done by a Decking Expert

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Lake Macquarie Decking will bring your ideas of a stunning outdoor deck to life. Allow us to be part of your yard’s journey – let’s make your extra yard space more valuable and enjoyable with your limitless options for outdoor living. Our team of dedicated builders and designers are here to help you out. Reach out to us to learn more about our impressive decking designs.

We have been in the industry of building decks, patios and give our clients many other outdoor living options for many years now. We both serve residential and commercial property owners in Lake Macquarie and all surrounding areas in the Hunter Region. We are committed to delivering extraordinary artistry as customer satisfaction is our number one priority. You deserve not only a beautiful outdoor living space but also one that’s safe, durable, and would last for a long time.


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    Why Should You Choose Us for Your Lake Macquarie Decking Needs?

    Almost every Aussie homeowner would love to have a beautiful outdoor living space they can enjoy with their family and friends. Especially with the lovely Lake Macquarie weather, who would ever want to miss out on all the fun and excitement the great outdoors bring?

    Lake Macquarie Decking brings you countless options for decking designs, patios, gazebos, pergolas, and so much more. We are the company to call when you want to get professionals started building a deck on your property.

    We take pleasure in our team of knowledgeable, extensively trained, and always pleasant and hardworking who are always ready to serve you in building the deck of your dreams. We come fully equipped to carry out all decking jobs, no matter how big or small.

    Whether you plan to build a simple composite decking feature on your property or have a more complex Merbau decking in mind, we will make it happen for you!

    Luxurious Outdoor Decking for Every Australian Home

    There are various decking designs to choose from if you’re looking into building outdoor features for your property. At Lake Macquarie Decking, we cater to all budget ranges – beautiful and luxurious decks don’t always have to be extremely expensive.

    Our designers are constantly updated with the latest trends and are also very knowledgeable in classic and traditional designs. No matter the shape, size, colour, and design you have in mind, we’ll work on it for you.

    When we work with our clients, we only consider our job done when we know that you are delighted. Our designers will provide recommendations and tips as we work with you in coming up with the best decking for your property. We’ll make sure you’ll get one that fits your taste, style, and preferences.

    Once our builders begin working on your outdoor decking, you can sit back and relax and watch as the beauty of your home’s exterior unfolds before your eyes. We are excited to work with you. Give us a call so you can begin consulting with a decking expert!

    Everything You Need to Know About Building a Deck for Your Home

    Decks are vastly popular in Australian homes, and many homeowners continue to look for ways to customise and make sure their outdoor living spaces are unique and impressive. Decks are great not only in improving your property’s overall appearance but also in the value of your real estate!

    At Lake Macquarie Decking, not only do we hold on to our promise of building beautiful and durable decks, but we also make sure they’re safe and sturdy for many years. As indicated by NSW Fair Trading, we strictly adhere to Australian standards in building decks and follow the deck and balcony safety guidelines.

    uncovered decking area with ratan style sala set

    How to Choose the Right Decking Material and Design

    Since there are plenty of possible materials and designs to choose from when building a deck, one can get confused or have difficulty deciding which one is the best for them. We suggest our clients do some research or take a look at existing designs, many of them included in our portfolio. You can get design inspirations from existing decks found in other homes, and you might find something that would fit your taste.

    More often than not, most clients would request something unique and customised. That is our specialty at Lake Macquarie Decking. We would love to create something new and beautiful just for you.

    When choosing a design and material for your decking, several factors need consideration, such as your budget, the deck’s size, location, the usual climate in your area, and the overall look you want to achieve. When we have all this information available, we can give you recommendations and tips based on our years of valuable on-the-job experience building decks in Lake Macquarie and the other Hunter Region.

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    swing on decking area near the lake
    large sofa on a decking area with several plants outside
    timber stairways connected to a timber decking

    What Are the Best Timber Materials for Decking in the Hunter Region?

    Although there are numerous other decking materials, such as composite decking and even plastic decking and metal decking, many Australian homeowners still prefer timber decking. They look naturally beautiful, they are durable, and best of all, properly finished and treated wood is quite simple and easy to maintain.

    When choosing suitable timber for building a deck, the climate is one of the most important factors to consider. Houzz Australia lists down some of the best hardwoods that are most suitable to the Australian environment.

    spacious decking area connecting the two houses

    Merbau Decking

    Merbau is one of the most in-demand options when it comes to decking. At Lake Macquarie Decking, we source our Merbau decking materials from legitimate suppliers. This material is very durable and is the perfect choice when you want a red-coloured deck for your home.

    decking pergola fronting a green ground

    Blackbutt Decking

    Fire resistance is the top reason many homeowners choose blackbutt decking. They are very durable, won’t easily split nor warp, and best of all, they would look great for practically any decking design.

    decking pergola with ratan sofa facing the a garden

    Teak Decking

    Although quite pricey compared to other decking timber materials, teak is light-coloured wood that lasts for decades with minimal maintenance. They are truly luxurious and would be the best material for a stunning outdoor living space.

    decking made of wood expertly crafted by Lake Macquarie Decking

    Spotted Gum Decking

    The lovely grain structure of spotted gum makes it a favourite of homeowners and designers. It is one of the most usual timber decking materials in Lake Macquarie!

    shiny materials used in decking in Lake Macquarie

    Grey Ironbark Decking

    Ideally used in covered decks, ironbark decking can struggle quite a bit with too much rain or sunlight. However, it looks too beautiful to resist, so some homeowners would accept the commitment of maintaining it quite regularly so that they can have grey ironbark decking on their yard.

    The Cost of Building a Deck in Lake Macquarie

    It is excellent to know that adding a deck to your home is an excellent investment because it adds to the overall value of your real estate. It means that if you sell your property in the future, the deck’s value is added to the total price tag. The limitless opportunities to have fun and bond with your family and friends on your beautiful deck are genuinely priceless.

    It would be difficult to place just one number when determining the cost of building a deck in Lake Macquarie. There are several considerations such as:

    Decking materials
    Deck size
    Deck location
    Deck design
    Preferred contractor

    Thankfully, you can always ask for estimates from contractors before you start building a deck. You may call Lake Macquarie Decking anytime so we can schedule your free consultation and give you a free quote!

    residential decking area at the side of the house in a clear blue sky background

    Why is Composite Decking More Expensive Than Decking Timber?

    At Lake Macquarie Decking, we build both composite decking and timber decking depending on our clients’ preferences. More often than not, our customers would ask how composite decking is more expensive than decking timber. One would be inclined to think that timber, being natural wood, would be the pricier choice.

    Composite wood is the eco-friendly choice because it is made from woodchips that are usually recycled, sawdust, some plastic, and other wooden fibres. The best part is that manufacturers have made composite wood look like actual timber, too. They also require very little to no maintenance at all as opposed to timber, which seems genuinely stunning but needs quite a bit of work to ensure that its beauty and durability stay the same over the years.

    Although composite wood is usually more expensive than that timber or hardwood decking, it can also be a more practical choice. Little to no maintenance only means that there are no additional costs to keep your deck durable and beautiful after it’s fully built.

    house extension decking area in Lake Macquarie

    How Much is the Cost to Build a Lake Macquarie Deck? specifies that Australia’s average deck building costs can be anywhere between $3,400 to $6,500. Of course, that can be more or less depending on the material used, the design of your deck, and most importantly, its size.

    A standard-sized deck may cost anywhere between $160 to $220 per square metre. A 10-square metre deck may cost around $3,600 to $5,500, while a deck more than 50 square metres may cost $5,900 to over $11,500.

    A decking design only can already cost $3,000. Garden decks may cost about $8,000. Decks with a slope can cost you about $7,500. Simple timber decking can be around $3,500. Should you need assistance with deck repairs and renovations, it will only be approximately $2,000 or even less.

    All these prices are estimates and can change depending on your deck’s materials, size, and design.

    Contact Lake Macquarie Decking to Get a Free Decking Estimate Today!

    Lake Macquarie Decking is the trusted deck builder in Lake Macquarie, NSW. We also build decks, patios, gazebos, and other outdoor features all over Hunter Region. Whether you’re looking into getting Merbau decking or use any other decking timber, composite decking, eco deck, plastic decking, waterproof decking, pool deck, and different decking designs, we are the company to call.

    For a long time, we have been devoted to delivering the best quality service to our clients. We have been servicing residential and commercial communities in Lake Macquarie and beyond. With each decking project we work on, we give our 100%. All jobs are treated equally – whether you’re looking for help for a simple decking repair or building a large, luxurious deck, expect exceptional service from our team.

    So if you are located in Lake Macquarie or any other community in Hunter Region, we are the company to call for your decking needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and to get a free estimate!


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